Travis McCormack

Classes: Tumbling classes at all levels, Open Gyms, and Team Tumbling
Fun Fact: I work on race cars when I’m not coaching

Short Bio:

Age: 34 Born in Roanoke Va.
Hobbies: Traveling, backpacking, hiking, and being outdoors. I also enjoy classic car restoration and automotive fabrication.
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Olivia Retschle

Classes: I work with trackout camp and teach tumble 1 classes as well as one tiny tumble class!
Fun Fact: I can juggle!


I have been teaching tumbling classes for about 5 years now and have been a cheerleader for over 10! This sport because it is creative, challenging, and so fun! I absolutely love teaching classes because bringing the joy of cheerleading and tumbling to others is incredibly rewarding!

Ali Aiello

Classes: All Star Coach
Fun Fact: I was a cheerleader in the movie Home of the Giants starring Haley Joel Osment when I was in high school!


I’ve been with the gym since the day it was opened (shoutout to Triangle Elite All Stars), coaching All Star teams from day one. Prior to that, I was an All Star cheerleader for 10 years at Greensboro All Stars, attending the Cheerleading Worlds 3 times.  Outside of cheerleading, I am a Solutions Architect at SAS Software. I have my Masters in Computer Engineering from NC State and am a die hard fan – Go Pack!

Sam Pierlott

Classes: Ninja’s and Tumble 2-5
Fun Fact: I was on my high school diving team


I competed in All-star Cheer for 4 years, all at Charlotte Allstars. I cheered at NC State, was a 2-time Captain and 2-time National Champion. I have always enjoyed coaching and bringing joy and energy to the gym. I love spending time with the kids and coaches, working to better skill sets, attitude, and personal goals!

Gina Castaldo

Classes: Team Coach
Ages: Tiny, Mini, Youth, & Junior
Levels: 1-3
Tumble Coach
Levels: 1-4
Fun Fact: I drive an awesome Jeep and I love sushi!

Bio: I started cheering at 5 years old and continued all the way through high school. As my cheer career ended, my coaching career began! I wanted to share my passion with others and encourage young athletes to achieve their goals. The Rockstar Family is the best by far!