Mattie Stepanek




CPR/AED Certified – American Red Cross










Classes:  Camp Rock, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, & Parent Night Out Events

I am originally from Connecticut and moved to North Carolina in 2014 with my husband, son and our dogs.  We love the warm weather and don’t miss the snow one bit!  My background is in Marketing, Public Relations and Event planning.   Over the years, I have organized non-profit fundraisers, corporate parties, vendor events, career fairs, fashion shows and birthday celebrations which are my favorite!  I was a Middle School Cheer Coach for 4 years and so excited to continue my ‘Cheer Journey’ at Rockstar with all the amazing coaches, athletes and families.  When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time exploring walking trails with my dogs, going to the beach with my family and playing volleyball. 

CPR/AED Certified – American Red Cross

                                            Fun Fact:  I name all my dogs after cars: Lexus, Portia, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, and our newest addition Tesla!                   




Classes: Allstar Team Coach

I have been involved in all star cheerleading since 2005 and bring with me 15 years of coaching experience. I attended Drury University in Springfield, MO to obtain my undergraduate degree in Marketing and obtained a MBA from Missouri State University. I cheered collegiately at Drury University and coached at All Star Patriots until 2010 when I moved to Louisville, KY to work for Jamfest as an event planner/coordinator.  In 2014 I left Jamfest to open my own gym with my husband Jacob.  Together we owned and operated Triple Crown Cheer Company (TC3) until 2018 when Bullitt Athletics acquired it. I coached at Bullitt Athletics through the end of the 2020 season as their lower levels program director.

I have had many achievements in my tenure as a coach and gym owner including several US Finals  and Cheer Super Nationals Championship teams along with an overall Champion Challenge Youth 3 team and several overall event overall grand championships.  I have won numerous “best choreography” awards for both teams I have coached along with others I did choreography for.  I have many Summit Finalist teams including a large Junior 2 team that won the Wild Card round in 2017 and in 2018.  I coached a Mini 2 team to a Grand Championship that earned them a Wild Card bid to the 2018 Summit where they competed as a Youth 2 team!

Jake and I moved to North Carolina in May of 2020 to be closer to family and my nephews. Currently, I serve as the front office manager here at Rockstar and additionally coach the level 1 and 2 teams.  When we are not at the gym we are spending time with puppy Remi or our nephews.

CPR/AED Certified – American Red Cross

Fun Fact:  I love to travel!  I have lived in 5 different states.




Classes: Tumbling & Ninja

I was born in Roanoke Virginia and enjoy traveling, backpacking, hiking, and being outdoors.  I have been in the Allstar cheer industry full time for the past five years but have been coaching since 2012.  Currently, I am the Tumbling Director for Rockstar Cheer in Holly Springs and the President/CEO of Excel Tumbling. I help with the summer clinics and travel clinics through Camp Woodward and G&S All access Camps and a Cheer/Tumbling instructor.

USASF Green light Background Check, USASF Credentialing Lvl 6 Tumbling/Building, AACCA National Safety Certificate, AACCA Spirit Safety Certification, and Adult/Infant/Child CPR & First Aid (NewLife CPR)

Fun Fact: I enjoy classic car restoration and automotive fabrication.




Classes: Allstar Team Coach

I’ve been with the gym since the day it was opened (shoutout to Triangle Elite All Stars), coaching All Star teams from day one. Prior to that, I was an All Star cheerleader for 10 years at Greensboro All Stars, attending the Cheerleading Worlds 3 times.  Outside of cheerleading, I am a Solutions Architect at SAS Software. I have my Masters in Computer Engineering from NC State and am a die hard fan – Go Pack!

Fun Fact:  I was a cheerleader in the movie Home of the Giants starring Haley Joel Osment when I was in high school!





Classes: Allstar Team Coach & Camp Rock

I found my passion for cheerleading at the age of 5. Since then, I continued cheering for another 13 years.  I started at Rockstar Holly Springs my junior year of high school. This is now my 4th year coaching and I love every bit of it. I coach multiple All-Star elite and prep teams along with tumble classes and camps.  I have coached athletes ranging from ages 3-16.  When I am not coaching at the gym, I am a full-time student at East Carolina University pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Management degree.  I will be graduating in May 2022! I love traveling, spending time with friends and family, and my Jeep!  Being apart of the Rockstar Family has taught me so much and I cherish everything about this gym.

AED Certified – American Red Cross

                                            Fun Fact: I drive an awesome Jeep and I love sushi





Classes: Tumbling, Rock the Sideline, Prep & Allstar Team Coach

I started out at Rockstar Holly Springs in 2017 as a tumbling coach and have added to my role is the program coaching our prep and all stars team in addition to tumbling and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! My experience and background has a mix of everything with over 10 years in competitive gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading as an athlete and now in my 10th year of instructing gymnastics, acro, cheerleading, and fitness to children of all ages from toddlers to high schoolers. I’m very technique oriented in my instruction and love helping athletes achieve their goals in working with each and every one according to their individual learning style and what makes it click for them and seeing all of their hard work pay off is the best feeling in the world.  What I love most about coaching is the ability to make a positive impact to encourage children to not only be the best athlete that they can be but also the best person they can be both in and outside of the gym.  When I’m not in the gym  you can find me studying as I’m working towards getting my                                               Nurse Practitioner license.

                                           Fun Fact: I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe!  







Fun Fact: 








Classes:  Tumbling, Stunt, & Camp Rock

I grew up in Maine and graduated from Kennebunk High School in 2018.  I cheered on their high school varsity team all 4 years.  I started doing All-Star cheerleading at Maine Stars in 2016. 

I moved to North Carolina in 2018 and started working for Rockstar Cheer a year later.   I worked with Black Sabbath senior level 2 and Fuel prep level 1 All Star teams.   

I am super passionate about health and fitness. 

Fun Fact: I have a 30 lb cat with two different colored eyes name Mr. Chubs





Classes: Cover Bands, Tiny Tumble, & Camp Rock

I am an athlete on Rockstar’s senior four team, Slayer, and a Junior Coach for another one of our competitive teams, ZZ Top. This year is my third season of competitive cheer and my second season of coaching! Outside of the gym, I cheer with my high school and have been on the varsity team since sophomore year. I will be graduating high school this spring and will be continuing my education this fall at NC State University, pursuing a major in Early Education. 

Fun Fact:  I love Disney and have a goal to watch all the Disney Plus movies in order of when they came out!




Classes: Camp Rock, Stunt Class, and Tiny Tumble 

I am a High School student focusing on my studies for chemical engineering, business and finance. 

I was an all-star cheerleader for 7 years and tumbled for 10 years and counting!  In my cheerleading experience, I have been to Summit and many other big competitions.  I cheered at Ellenwood All-Stars and Rockstar Atlanta East before being welcomed into the Rockstar Holly Springs Family.  At a young age I started to junior coach younger teams and since then I knew that I wanted to move forward in my coaching career.

What I love about coaching is the bonds I am able to make with each one of my kids and the opportunity to learn from my wonderful co-workers.  I love sharing the passion I have for this sport to the many kids I coach.  The kids remind me of how excited and I was                                                    when I first discovered that cheer wasn’t just a sport but a way to express yourself and an opportunity to make long-lasting bonds                                                    along the way. 

                                            Fun Fact: I can play the trumpet and the flute.




Classes:  Camp Rock

I am an athlete on Rockstar’s Senior 5 team, Spinderella, and have been cheering competitively for 8 years.  In the Fall of 2019 I jumped, rather sprinted at the an opportunity to Junior coach!  Junior coaching offered a different perspective on competitive cheerleading and I’ve loved every minute of it.  From then on my love for the sport and coaching grew, both continuously and daily!  I love getting to watch the pure excitement of a child after getting a new skill or realizing their own strength.

Other than cheerleading, I love backpacking, travel, the outdoors, sushi, math, and of course coffee!  I can’t wait for another amazing season with the Band!

Fun Fact: Summer of 2021 I spent 30 days backpacking through Alaska!





Classes: Camp Rock & Tiny Tumble 

I am an athlete on Rockstar’s Senior 5 team, Spinderella, and an Allstar Cheer coach as well.  This is my 5th year at Rockstar and my 3rd year coaching.  I previously junior coached two competitive teams, the Lumineers and Phoenix, so this  will be my first year actually coaching!  Outside of Rockstar, I am a full time college student at NC State University with plans to major in Engineering.  In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, reading, and spending time with friends and family!  Since  the first day I came to Rockstar, this gym has been a second home and everyone in it, a second family.  Seeing the bright faces and eager athletes everyday brings so much joy to my life.  I’m very grateful for my past 4 years at Rockstar and I can’t wait for many more!